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  • Photography in spanish

    Photography in spanish

    The history of photography in Spanish 1839, the year in which the first daguerreotype was taken in our country. Since then, the photographic practice has gone through many phases, from the first reception of the new medium to the differentiation between photography and artistic photography, going through commercial expansion or the different contemporary discourses. But…

  • Photography internships: How and where to work

    Photography internships: How and where to work

    High school and college students looking to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become professional photographers may consider applying for the many photography internships available between semesters. These photography internships typically take place during the summer months to accommodate school schedules. They can be offered by professional photographers in need of assistants, magazines and…

  • Photography business cards

    Photography business cards

    Well-designed photography business cards are essential for a new photography business or a company looking to rebrand itself. It conveys professionalism and tells potential clients what your business does and helps them remember you after a first meeting. If you want to create amazing photo business cards at a reasonable price, this list of excellent…