Mindfulness: How to put mindfulness into practice in your business


Mindfulness; how practice your business? You probably feel that in your day-to-day business, you spend a lot of time on different tasks (answering customers’ emails, uploading a new product to your online store, checking payment orders, etc.).

The problem is when you start to lose productivity and the general vision of your company when you realize that you are entirely multitasking and not concentrating 100% on your tasks.

In those cases, mindfulness is presented as a fundamental tool that guides you so that you do not lose the course of your day (and, why not, of your life).

As we told you before, the mindfulness technique allows you to eliminate the stress generated by your daily life, increase your productivity, gain mental clarity and improve the internal communication of your business, to name a few of the many benefits it offers.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? For this reason, today, we will tell you how to put it into practice through five strategies that will help you achieve your work goals. Take note.

 Define your goal for the day first thing in the morning

Before applying mindfulness in your work, you must define the goal you want to achieve that day because this will help you, unconsciously, to get closer to your destination.

Setting the day’s intentions in the first moments of the morning is key to not letting yourself be carried away by what happens by inertia during the day but, on the contrary, to focus on your defined objective.

For example, if you have an online store, your goal may be “today I am going to close the design of the three banners on the main page of my eCommerce” and work to make that happen.

 Your body speaks to you; listen to it.

When you are on your way to work, pay close attention to your breathing: focus on the physical sensations in your body, and feel how the air slowly enters through your nose, reaches your lungs, and leaves through your mouth.

This exercise connects you directly with the present moment. It lowers anxiety levels that can affect your mental clarity and the achievement of the work goal you set for yourself at the beginning of the day.

When you are already in your workplace, try to be aware of the posture you are adopting (standing, sitting, or however you are):

  • Notice if your body is tense or loose.
  • Detect if it is suffering from tension or discomfort.
  • Help it feel better by relaxing those areas.

You can do short stretching exercises or listen to a guided meditation through a YouTube tutorial.

As the owner and manager of a business, it is very beneficial to do these exercises because they will help you calm your mind and maintain (or recover) your mental clarity to make the best decisions for your company.

And most importantly, you will increase your work productivity because it will relax your body and head and make you wide awake!

 Put yourself in “pause” mode.

Interrupt the “automatic pilot” that drives your mind by applying moments of pause in the day.

Rest a few minutes between homework and homework (three for every hour, for example) and stretch your arms and legs or, why not, go for a walk.

These activities relax your head and renew your energies. Contrary to popular belief, they are not “time thieves” but are necessary to improve your productivity and creativity as an entrepreneur.

In addition, they help you increase your mindfulness and focus on the goals you have set for the day (don’t get lost along the way!).

They will also help you avoid back, head, and neck pain and reduce possible work stress. What are you waiting for to apply for it?


 Grow using your conscience

What if, once you are working, you express the phrase “From this moment on, I am going to put my attention on “x” thing” and carry it out? It is a very effective exercise!

As soon as you finish that task, you can repeat the exact phrase to start a new one, fully attentive and productive. These are ways of becoming aware and using them!

As an extra exercise, at the end of your day, you can do a self-reflection (without value judgment, like everything in mindfulness ) about how your day was and how you acted in the situations that came your way.

This practice will help you gain more self-confidence and can even increase your leadership skills, which are necessary for any business!

Paying particular attention (awareness) to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors helps you to understand yourself more and bring out the best version of yourself so that you can continue to grow as a person and as a professional.

 Human resources or human relations

It is said that we were born with one mouth and two ears, so we talk less and listen more. Is it true? At least, it is to think.

During your working day, relate from a more human place with your team or with the people around you. The best recipe is to listen to them.

Try to take the focus off yourself (there are people with excessive self-reference) to pay special attention to the thoughts, sensations, and needs of the other.

When you do, try to manage your body language: human beings communicate with words, yes, but also with facial expressions, the head, the hands, with our entire body. We are pure communicative expressions!

And this expression has a (significant) impact on the interlocutor and yourself, so we recommend that you work on how you communicate with others.

By doing all this, you will be able to get closer to people, get to know them from another perspective and, of course, begin to understand their world and their experiences without making value judgments.

And this is essential in any business because it forges long-term relationships with the team, customers, and even suppliers, thus consolidating the commitment to your company.


Applying these five strategies we have just told you about, you will notice how little by little your mind begins to change and goes from being divided into a thousand tasks guided by multitasking to maintaining focus on your goals for the day and prioritizing what is essential before what is urgent.

As we said above, the rest and renewal of batteries proposed by the mindfulness technique are crucial to running a business healthily and productively.

Do you dare to try it? Go ahead!

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