Photography internships: How and where to work

Photography internships

High school and college students looking to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become professional photographers may consider applying for the many photography internships available between semesters. These photography internships typically take place during the summer months to accommodate school schedules. They can be offered by professional photographers in need of assistants, magazines and newspapers, online organizations, and any other business or entity that typically has staff on time. Complete or partial. Photographers Many of these positions are likely to be unpaid, but it is also possible to find paid positions.

Advantages of photography internships

You also don’t have to be enrolled in school to take advantage of photography internships. Many professional photographers will hire interns who have some experience with photography or who have a good attitude and work ethic. Be prepared to work beyond just taking photos or installing lights; you may do more of the menial tasks, such as collecting documents from the models, loading and unloading equipment, or even tending to the needs of the models and crew. However, throughout these photography internships, you should also be prepared to learn about lighting techniques, camera tips and tricks, etc.

If you already have some photographic experience, you may be eligible for photography internships with magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. You will most likely work with current staff photographers who will teach you more about the process of creating editorial photos or any other specific types of photos that the entity may specialize in. A travel magazine, for example, often features landscape photography, so current staff can give you tips and advice on how to create the best landscape images.

Work as a photographer.

Working as a photographer is one of the great options to work worldwide. Photography is one of those hobbies that can become a great profession if well treated and at a certain point.

If you want to work as a photographer, do not miss this article where we will cover all the options to become a professional photographer and make a living from it.

Those passionate about the camera can have a unique opportunity to earn a living with their hobby, the same one that can lead you to be a professional in what you like the most.

The first thing to note is that the biggest difference between a professional photographer and an amateur is that the former will charge for their services. In both cases, the quality may be higher or lower, but is included in one group or another does not necessarily define the level that each one can offer.

What it takes to work as a photographer

Now is the time to know what is needed to work as a photographer, what can be essential and what we can leave in the background, at least in the beginning.

A series of pillars can help us define our strategy and create a medium-long term project. The aspects to take care of would be:


This point can be subdivided into the main components:

  • Camera: how could it be otherwise? It is necessary to have a reflex camera, preferably a professional range. Considering that the latter’s price can be a bit high, to begin with, one of this type but with a slightly lower range can give us the desired results. It will only be somewhat less comfortable to use.
  • Objectives: if we want to dedicate ourselves to photography, this point is basic. If you are thinking of specializing in one type of photography (landscapes, sports, macro, portrait,…), the range of lenses required will be smaller. In any case, this point must be considered a totally necessary investment. One point to note is that while the camera body may lose value, the lenses will not.
  • Lighting material and accessories: the material needed will depend on the field in which we want to specialize. Among this team, we can highlight the black and white backgrounds, the lightboxes, interior lighting, flashes, and reflectors,… These last two are the most important, almost from the beginning.
  • Website / Portfolio: an element as important today as the camera itself. This will be our door to the general public, a way to publicize our work and reach as many people as possible. The most popular platforms to carry this out are WordPress. Here you can find a step-by-step guide to creating your blog.
  • Study: although a place that we can use as the central base of our work is always necessary, taking into account that possibly most of our work is carried out outside, it is something that we can initially consider not a priority.
  • Training: although there are countless self-taught photographers, a specialized course or master’s degree will give us a series of knowledge that we could hardly achieve otherwise. They usually touch on technical aspects, digital retouching, composition, editing, etc…

Another aspect that will help us carry out our work better and with higher quality will be self-critical capacity, which is essential to progress in any profession.

Photography internships
Photography internships

Training for photographers

Here you can access photography courses that will be of great help if you want to carry out this profession:

  • Photography courses. Access the photography courses available in your training channel.
  • Discounted photography courses for our readers. Courses with discounts to learn photography, photo retouching tools and more.
  • Online: On this platform, you can also find online photography courses.

How and where to become a professional photographer

Photographers’ work can be carried out both as a freelance or hired by a third party. Here we bring you information about the different means that can allow us to achieve the dream of dedicating ourselves professionally to the world of photography.

We cannot forget that the general portal can also be a tool for finding employment. These are the 10 best web portals to look for work.

Visual Communication and Graphic Design

They will generally look for a photographer who wants to focus on corporate identity, advertising photography, publishing or industrial photography. Here we find international companies such as Reimagine, founded in 2004 and with offices today in Texas (USA) and Shanghai (China), and Dasauge, a network of creative professionals connecting this world for almost 20 years.


Focused on creating image banks, brand image creation, development of promotional pieces, coordination with the agency in everything related to posters, flyers, signage, etc… Within this world of photography, marketing and media, we have the Media Bistro portal, a website specialized in work within this field.


They have vacancies for hostesses or models. They also often require professionals from the sector for photoshoots. We could highlight the national portal People for events, as we can imagine specialized in personnel for events.

Magazines and blogs

In general, magazines and blogs are related to fashion or travel. However, we can also find employment as photographers for other topics related to sports. At this point, the possibility of working for an icon and reference such as National Geographic, the famous nature magazine, stands out; or LonelyPlanet, the well-known travel magazine, is always looking for photographers.

Cruise Ship Photographers

Every cruise has its professional photographer. In this case, they will always offer us a contract that usually ranges between 6 months or one year, although this is variable.

Here we find companies that focus on this type of job vacancies for photographers, such as All Cruise Jobs, Windrose Network and Crew Cruise as portals for cruise ship jobs; lines such as Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line or Carnival; or professional photography agencies like The Image Group, specialized in this traveling world.

Microstock Photographer

The microstock is the portal for buying and selling photography. All those photos that you see every day in ads, magazines, web portals, advertising… and even on the gym walls are photos from internet image banks.

If you are wondering if you can make a living from this, some people make a very good living selling photos through microstock banks. Common photos of everyday life, people talking, smiling, children playing, daily activities, places in the world…

To live from it, you have to know very well how it works. Here you have a complete guide to earning money selling photos online.

Forums, social networks and specialized portals

At this point, we have ways to get employment in forums. Others such as social networks for the world, an example of this is And continuing with the general concepts, Photography Jobs also appears like a specialized job portal that, as its name suggests, focuses on the world of photography.

Some portals with specialized but somewhat different offers are FotoRed, with various vacancies; QuienTV, a portal for image and sound professionals; Canonistas, the popular camera brand, has a forum where job offers for photographers are advertised; o, a British portal specializing in the world of photography.


Photography contests can be a great launching point, either to get a job as a photographer for the company that organizes the event or to gain prestige and makes ourselves known (without neglecting those that involve a monetary prize). They tend to focus on different areas such as the environment ( Ambientum ), the seasons of the year ( BliPoint Contest ),… Contests are organized by cultural spaces (such as VEGAP ) or companies.

A different way of working as a photographer

The scope of action is really wide. Even in somewhat less common fields such as engineering, we can find an authentic mine for our objective. Some companies need photographers to carry out rehearsals and immortalize them shot by shot for later study. Another option to consider is working at parties, pubs, discos, festivals, etc…

Something more surprising becomes the possibility of dedicating oneself to photography for the US Navy because on the website we discover a world of possibilities to get dream photographs. Whoever loves the underwater world will find the best possible way at this point.

Local and small-town magazines and newspapers may offer photography internships without any teaching. In other words, you will act as the main photographer. This is a great way to gain work experience that can help you secure a full-time position later with that business or another but be prepared for a tough job where you’re likely to make many mistakes. These positions generally pay a small salary or hourly wage, although sometimes the company cannot afford to pay it at all. You’ll need to assess whether the position is worth it if you don’t get paid; It can give you valuable work experience, but it can also stress you out and prevent you from earning money in other ways.


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