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River Relics





Late Summer at the Swimming Hole

Swimming Hole

Heidi and the Huizenga kids join us at the swimming hole.

Swimming Hole

Liza swings by herself for the first time. Heidi dives in after her.

The Look3 Festival of the Photograph – Paramount Theater

Paramount Theater

The Paramount Theater in Charlottesville

Eugene Richards at Festival of the Photograph

Eugene Richards introduces a slideshow of workshop participant photographs.

Photographing people with Eugene Richards

Watching slideshow at Paramount Theater

Anna Maria and Maggie at the Paramount

Paramount Theater

Swimming Hole photo at Paramount Theater

An image from my swimming hole series shown at Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater.

Eugene Richards workshop participants

Eugene Richards workshop participants

The Look3 Festival of the Photograph – Near the Swimming Hole


Sometimes I saw fifty or more butterflies together

swimming hole

Beautiful, clear water at a swimming hole in Crozet

The Festival of the Photograph – Swimming Hole Project

As part of the photo workshop, we created short individual photo projects. Mine was on swimming holes (a nice way to spend 100 degree days).

View Swimming Hole Gallery

swimming hole

Here’s one near my house. The images below are from Crozet, Virginia.

man with tattoos at swimming hole

rope swing at swimming hole

girl at swimming hole