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A Trip to Polyface Farms

After reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, we took our senior seminar class at Eastern Mennonite University on a field trip to Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia. Daniel Salatin led our tour.
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Working in the College Garden – Eastern Mennonite University

Tara Kishbaugh and I co-taught a senior seminar called Relating to the Land. We spent one class planting cover crops in the college garden.

Light Painting and Long Exposure Demonstration, February 2009

EMU students waved their cell phones in the air to make this virtual graffiti. Zooming in the iMacs in the Digital Media Lab.

Working with the Digital Photography class on light painting and long exposures (Eastern Mennonite University). This last one is inspired by the vortograph.

Leslie Banta – Art Exhibition at Eastern Mennonite University

Leslie Banta displayed her luminous paintings, stereoscopic photographs, and otherworldly sculptures at the Hartzler Library gallery. We met Leslie and her husband Rob when we wandered in to their art store in Staunton on opening day. It was a fortuitous meeting.

Three Portraits of EMU Students

From a studio and flash lighting demonstration in an intermediate photo class (part of the photography major at Eastern Mennonite University).




Sarah in Chartreuse


At the art opening, Anna Maria noticed that Sarah, a Visual and Communication Arts Student, had a shirt that very closely matched the library shelf behind her.

Andrew's Art Opening


Our good friend Andrew recently had an opening at EMU. Beautiful work! You can see his images at his web site: We were grateful to have him as a visiting artist, and we thoroughly enjoyed late evening discussions with Andrew and Heather during their stay at our home.