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Cyndi's Birdbrids

Birdbrids, an art project by Cyndi Gusler

Great Blue Heron, March 5, 2009

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Cyndi Gusler – Artist


Cyndi Gusler, my colleague in the Visual and Communication Arts department at EMU, makes hybrid objects that explore the intersection between the natural world and consumer culture. Here are a few sculpture examples I photographed for her recently.

View a slide show of Cyndi’s recent work or visit her web site.

Tralfamadore Farm – Christmas 2008


Back at Tralfamadore Farm for Nancy’s Christmas Party.


bird on a wire




Ron and Whit

Ron and Wit

I met Ron, Nancy’s son, at her Christmas party at Tralfamadore Farm. Whit is one of her many creatures.

Starlings, Contrails, and Clouds

Starlings and jet contrails

On a crisp morning, the starlings pass under the expanding jet contrails.

Starlings and jet contrails

clouds and contrails