10 common mistakes a business beginner

10 common mistakes

10 common mistakes; how to solve them? For you to be successful in your business and to be able to build a balanced career with outstanding achievements, we have prepared this list entitled “mistakes when undertaking.”

Not trusting yourself (or your idea)

Regardless of the type of entrepreneur you identify with, to achieve something, you first need to believe that you can achieve it and trust yourself and your abilities. As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can do it or not, you’re right either way.”

 I am not analyzing the market.

How to succeed in something that is not known? Many entrepreneurs sin, believing they only have to invest significantly to grow in areas they don’t know well.

Doing a previous market analysis is essential to starting a company. Study the characteristics of your segment, the competition, and the public’s response to the product you sell. You will be able to collect precious information for your business’s administration and understand the differential of your product.

Start without having a defined goal.

It is one of the common mistakes of an entrepreneur. If you don’t know precisely what you want, likely, the results will not be entirely satisfactory. We already said that defining objectives and goals for your business is essential, but it is worth reinforcing this topic.

Establishing a specific action plan is essential so that your entire team is clear about how they will collaborate with the objective of their daily work.

 Have a short-term vision

Suppose you only work thinking about the immediate future and seeing profits as quickly as possible. In that case, you will indeed feel some frustration.

The idea is that you understand that undertaking requires patience, time, and focus in the medium and long term. Do not forget to develop your goals with that vision.

Neglect planning

Once you have everything you want to achieve and what you must do to achieve it, it is essential to do all the necessary planning. We can divide it into two broad categories: financial and time.

The financial plan guarantees the stability and growth of your company, in addition to guiding the prices of your product. The goal over time is essential to make everything happen since it will allow you to validate your work routine and generate the expected results.

I am not choosing good collaborators.

As an entrepreneur, you are primarily responsible for your company’s success. However, that does not mean you can do everything independently without help. Finding the right people for your work team is crucial to achieving your business goals.

Do not rush when choosing employees for your business; always keep in mind the values ​​of your business. Nothing is more important than your vision and the quality of your product or service, not even a price below the market average or sympathy for someone who can’t contribute much to your project.

Forgetting to establish an organized work routine

Having established goals and planning is useless if you do not control your work routine. Disorganization not only diminishes the potential of your actions in the medium and long term but also harms your performance as a professional.

To avoid problems, ensure you have all your tasks in order, knowing exactly what needs to be done now, what can be left for later, what is not worth executing, and what will be delegated.

Ignore commercial areas

During the initial phase of your business, it is customary to prioritize some sectors over others. Specific components, such as the sellers and the e-commerce platform you use, are essential to generate initial sales and win over your first customers.

Therefore, it is also important to dedicate time to other commercial areas responsible for your public’s loyalty and your company’s growth: digital marketing and customer service.

10 common mistakes
10 common mistakes

 I am not analyzing the results.

Sometimes it’s essential to pause in the middle of the journey to reflect on whether your daily actions are taking you where you want to be, based on your goals and objectives.

To know what effect your actions are generating, we advise you to pay attention to the metrics of your business. It can also be interesting to establish periods during the year to ask for feedback from your audience and analyze all the responses with your team.

 Abandon your business at the first obstacle

Every new project requires a kind of trial and error: at each step and stage, you have to work on courage and confidence so as not to make a mistake at the end of your great idea and project.

If something unforeseen arises or an error locks you up, remember that it is a standard variable in all ventures. You can learn from that experience to improve results in the future.


It is necessary to keep in mind 10 common mistakes that, for an enterprise to be successful, it is necessary to invest time, knowledge, and money. Therefore, to achieve the expected results must consider all issues related to the maintenance and development of your business.


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