Hexacopter or Octocopter: What is a hexacopter or octocopter?

Hexacopter or Octocopter

Hexacopter or Octocopter What is? How it flies, its operating rules, technical features, and upgrades. What weather conditions are typical for him. Photos and videos. Technological advances do not stand still, various inventions are constantly appearing that can facilitate the solution of some problems.

Many of us, especially lovers of various technical equipment or would like to have a device that can make photos and videos from the air, this opportunity is provided by a relatively new, but already very popular aircraft equipment with a built-in camera, and it is called Hexacopter or Octocopter.

What is a Hexacopter

This name means a remote-controlled aircraft that is capable of controlling flights over fairly good distances, with the help of such an amazing device you can record videos and, if desired, broadcast them to a specific device, such as a computer or television.

The scope of the sex cluster depends only on your imagination, with its help you can shoot events that are important to you, you have to admit that it will be quite interesting to watch a video of a birthday celebration or wedding ceremony, made from a bird’s eye view.

Fans of extreme sports will be able to appreciate the opportunity to shoot a moving gimmick from a corner that is inaccessible to the operator with a camera, standing on the ground.

At the same time, the quality of the video recording will remain at the appropriate level, without any thrill.

A very sensible question arises, but not whether the images will shake and jump because the shot is made from a moving device.

But the developer of the hexagon took this fact into account and the hexagon can be equipped with a stabilization platform, with the help of the camera lens it will be securely mounted in the position you need.


The exact characteristics of the aircraft depend on each specific model, this is not a complete series, most types are made separately and many variables also depend on the conditions of use, so the features below are approximate.

On average, the device has a small size and a relatively small weight (2, 2-2, 5 kg), this allows it to reach 60 km / h (without additional load – equipment).

Rules of procedure

The flight control of the six-helicopter is performed with the help of the control panel; the possible flight range depends on the quality of the equipment that provides the remote control.

With the remote control, you can also adjust the camera position and start or stop recording. In general, both the altitude and the length of the flight depend only on the device’s visibility area; on average, free control is up to one and a half kilometers or more.

Since a battery is used as a power supply for the aircraft, the maximum flight time depends first of all on the weight of the aircraft charge, and the power of the battery, but usually, such an aircraft can fly for an average of 10-20 minutes when charged (camera, camera, gimbal). Without technology, such a device can fly for half an hour or more.

The weight of the device is also directly related to the length of its stay in the air, as the camera is quite heavy equipment, an additional load is placed on the device of the device, for example, if all the equipment is placed on the device hexacopter weighs 700 grams, charging one battery is enough approximately 15 minutes maximum flight time.

If desired, this indicator can be increased by either installing a more powerful battery or reducing the weight of the equipment.

Hexacopter or Octocopter
Hexacopter or Octocopter

Modern options

If desired, the octocopter can be improved even more; it all depends on the financial capacity and imagination of the customer.

The installation of GPS equipment allows the device to follow a predetermined path and at a certain time along the same route will return.

By equipping the equipment with a video transmitter, you can send the image on a screen or even glasses by viewing the image that the camera sees.

These planes do not like precipitation and very windy weather is undesirable for them – the wind is not more than 7-10 meters per second (depending on the model).

The cost of a sex helicopter or helicopter is expensive; the price ranges from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 or more. Depending on the number of revolutions, battery power, and other parameters.




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