Virginia diner

Virginia diner

Nowadays, good food is everything, and even more so in this era where consumers look for elegance, flavor, and a good appearance when eating and Virginia diner. However, in addition to this in this Top, you will discover the most prestigious restaurants that are hidden in the state of Virginia. We will go from the most expensive to the simplest, each of them recognized in a certain way by the national and international community.

Virginia diner

  • Pimento Puppies

A basket of delicious hushpuppies served with a side of Birdies pimento cheese for dipping

  • Fried Green Tomatoes

A Southern Tradition! Six crispy fried green tomatoes served with Sriracha Ranch for that extra kick

  • Onion Ring Basket

Crispy and golden fried. Served with our spicy dipping sauce

  • Virginia Country Ham Biscuits

Homemade buttermilk biscuits piled high with thinly shaved salt-cured Virginia ham

  • Fried Pickle Spears

Six crispy, breaded pickle spears served with spicy ranch

Virginia diner Soup and Salads

  • Diner Chef Salad

Roast turkey breast, sweet ham, hardboiled egg, topped with carrots, cucumber, red onion, shredded cheese, and croutons on salad greens

  • Diner Cold Salad Plate

Our famous chicken salad with Home-style Egg Salad, homemade potato salad, tomatoes, pimento cheese, hardboiled egg, dill pickle, and crackers served on a bed of lettuce

  • Homemade Chicken Salad

Served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and crackers

  • Grilled Chicken Salad

Marinated grilled chicken with red onion, tomato, carrot, cucumber, shredded cheese, and croutons on salad greens

  • Waldorf Salad

A fresh twist on a local favorite! Crisp apples, raisins, cranberries, and celery tossed in a creamy peanut sauce and topped with chopped Virginia Diner peanuts

  • Classic Brunswick Stew

Virginia diner for Staff Picks

  • Wedge Salad

A crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with Blue Cheese dressing and crumbles, Applewood bacon pieces, diced tomato, and red onion.

  • Chicken Pot Pie

A hearty mix of chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce topped with a flaky, buttery crust. Served with a side salad.

Pot Pie is baked to order, please allow at least 15 minutes to prepare

  • Blackened Salmon Dinner

Seasoned to perfection and topped with a honey-lime glaze. Served with two sides of your choice and hushpuppies

Virginia diner for Handhelds

  • Not Just Another Fried Chicken Sandwich

Available grilled.

Fried chicken pulled from the bone, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and pecan honey mustard

  • Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwich

A Virginia Diner tradition. Pulled pork smothered in our vinegar-based BBQ sauce piled high on a bun served with our famous homemade coleslaw

  • Classic Cheesesteak

Thin sliced juicy steak, grilled onions, and melted cheese on a hoagie roll.

  • Country Chicken Salad

Homemade chicken salad with shaved country ham served on a flaky croissant with lettuce and tomato

  • Classic Grilled Reuben

Thin sliced corned beef, melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and 1000 island on grilled rye bread

  • New South BLT

Move over classic BLT! Piled high applewood smoked bacon, fried green tomato slices, lettuce, and mayo

  • The Virginia Diner Club

Triple decker sandwich with sweet ham, turkey, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

  • Smoked Turkey and Pimento

Thinly sliced turkey breast, Birdies pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo served on rye

Virginia diner for Burgers

  • Virginia Diner Classic Cheeseburger

Hand pattied beef burger on a warm bun served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and your choice of cheese.

  • Bacon Mac Attack

Hand pattied beef burger topped with a hearty portion of macaroni and cheese, smoked thick-cut bacon, and BBQ sauce on a warm bun

  • The Rail Car

A local favorite! Piled high with swiss cheese, salt-cured Virginia ham, hickory smoked bacon, onion straws, lettuce, tomato, and creamy dijonnaise sauce

  • Pimento Patty Melt

A made-to-order all-beef patty topped with savory Birdies Pimento Cheese and sautéed onions, lightly grilled between two slices of Texas toast

Virginia diner for Homemade Sides

  • Candied Yams
  • Coleslaw
  • Green Beans
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Onion Rings
  • Spiced Apples
  • Carrot Souffle
  • Collards
  • Hand-Cut Fries
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Potato Salad
  • Spoonbread

Virginia Diner Classics

  • Homemade Meatloaf

Just like Moms! Premium ground beef mixed with peppers, onions, and top-secret seasonings

  • Country Fried Goodness

Breaded fried steak or chicken breast topped with white cream-style country gravy

  • Chopped Steak

Hand-pressed hamburger steak smothered in grilled onions and brown gravy.

  • Maple Bacon Chicken & Waffles

Crispy hand-breaded chicken breast atop a light and fluffy waffle drizzled with Maple Bacon BBQ Sauce and choice of one side

  • Amazing Chicken Tenders

Three hand-cut jumbo tenderloins lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown

  • Fried Pork Chops

Two seasoned, battered, and crispy fried bone-in pork chops

  • Pulled Pork BBQ

A generous portion of vinegar-based pulled pork BBQ

  • Grilled Liver and Onions*

A country delicacy. Lightly seasoned grilled liver with sautéed onions on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and choice of one side

  • Open-Faced Roast Beef*

Tender roast beef and creamy mashed potatoes piled high atop Texas toast and smothered with homemade gravy and choice of one side

Virginia diner for Under the Sea

  • Hand-Breaded Jumbo Shrimp

Golden fried and crispy

  • Bay Scallops

Sweet, buttery, and delicious

  • Catfish Platter

Two flakey filets cooked to order

  • Seafood Lovers Platter

A delicious assortment of shrimp, scallops, and catfish

Virginia diner
Virginia diner

Little Washington

Prestigious for its food and for being the only restaurant in the state to have 3 Michelin stars, the highest recognition that a food establishment can receive, Little Washington is considered the current toll of any visitor to Washington, Virginia.

Its food is varied and depending on the time the restaurant offers accompaniments at no cost. As for its style, it is French and a fusion of other international foods.

  • If you travel from afar you can enjoy the rooms that are located in the restaurant. In case you just want to eat a good dish, keep in mind that the minimum cost is $250.

Peking Gourmet Inn

This restaurant in Falls Church is in position 2 of this Top for its recognition within the presidential community and some celebrities. Their focus on flavors is solely oriental Chinese, with the star dish being traditional Peking duck, spicy shredded beef, lamb chops, and jumbo shrimp.

Among its famous guests, we have the actor John Travolta and the Korean singer Psy, but in addition to them the Bush presidential family, father, and son are frequent visitors.

Gadsby’s Tavern

Another well-known restaurant is the one located in Alexandria, and this is more and less than Gadsby’s Tavern, famous for having the founding fathers of the United States as a clientele:

. George Washington.

. John Adams.

. Thomas Jefferson.

. James Madison.

. James Monroe.

Among its famous dishes are Martha’s puff pastry and George’s duck breast, accompanied by a colonial atmosphere and music.

Lexington BBQ

Located in Lexington, Barbecue is a prestigious food place not because it has a certificate of high international recognition, but because of the quality and tradition in each of its dishes and that is why it is ranked fourth.

They cook everything over firewood, ideal for meat lovers. And if that doesn’t convince you, Barbecue has served two US presidents on more than one occasion, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Patowmack Farm

Although it is a new restaurant, Patowmack farm has caught the eyes of locals and travelers with the slogan of its food, from the land to the table, thus becoming one of the best and most prestigious in Virginia; and in fact, it has received recognition from newspapers like the Washington Post.

They serve dishes with ingredients harvested from the property’s farm, such as the Blue Ridge minestrone or the roast beef, and in fact, the same visitors can see some of them firsthand.


This eclectic food restaurant opened its doors in Richmond in 2014 and has since achieved great recognition in the culinary world by winning an Elby Award. Although it has not garnered the prestige of its predecessors, it is ranked 6th due to its incredible reception with the community.

Their menu ranges from filet mignon, the best-fried chickens in town, crab cakes, etc.

A Chef’s Kitchen

Last but not least we have the amazing A Chef’s Kitchen located in the city of Williamsburg. Not only does it offer exquisite dishes at affordable prices, but it goes one step further by preparing live food in front of diners.

The menu changes every month, so you will never get bored of the experience that A Chef’s Kitchen has to offer.

Delicious food, varied menu and some restaurants with a lot of history. What did you think of this Top 7 of the most prestigious restaurants in Virginia? Leave your opinion in the comments. offer.








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