Photography business cards

Photography business cards

Well-designed photography business cards are essential for a new photography business or a company looking to rebrand itself. It conveys professionalism and tells potential clients what your business does and helps them remember you after a first meeting.

If you want to create amazing photo business cards at a reasonable price, this list of excellent photography business card examples available on this blog is what you need. We share the best photography business cards design ideas for photographers, explain the key features of photo business cards, and show you how to easily and quickly create your cards.

Characteristics of a photography business cards

If you want to create your photography business cards, you must first understand the main characteristics of an effective business card. The best business cards for photography are based on a company’s brand identity. This includes the name you choose for your business, your logo design, corporate colors, and how you communicate about your business’s services.

Here are some business card features:

Brand Name

When you consider that a strong brand name – and a strong logo – goes a long way in helping potential customers remember a business, you need to take some time to consider which name is the best and best for your business is most memorable.


As mentioned above, your logo is just as important as the name you give your business. Therefore, you must decide on one before thinking about creating photo business cards. If you don’t have a logo yet and need some business logo design ideas for photography, the following articles should help.


As with your logo, the colors you use on your photo business cards should reflect your company’s brand identity. If you haven’t yet finalized your company’s color scheme and want to learn more about it, the following article will help you understand how to work with color to create a logo and brand identity.


The font you use must also reflect your company’s brand identity. For example, if you’re primarily a children’s photographer, you might want to use a more playful font on your card, while a corporate photographer should opt for a more formal font.

Shape and Orientation

Now it’s about the shape of your card. The best business cards for photography are generally rectangles and use either a landscape or portrait orientation. However, they can also come in various shapes like circles, ovals, squares and custom shapes.

 Map Material

Consider what type of material you will print your card on. High-quality business cards are often printed on 14 or 16-point card stock on gloss, matte or iridescent finishes. Glossy finishes tend to make colors pop, while pearlescent and matte finishes can look more sophisticated. To decide on a finish, think about what works for the overall design of the card and your brand identity.

Business Information

In the end, you have to consider the information you add to your card. Resist the impulse to fill every available space on your card. Include only the most relevant information. This may include your name, company name and address, phone number, email address, and website for some companies. However, with other companies, this may be your name and title, the company’s name, and a phone number or email address.

Photography business cards
Photography business cards

How to create awesome photography business cards

Now that you have a good idea of ​​the elements that go into creating business cards, it’s time to look at the steps involved in creating awesome business cards for photography.

 Choose your card shape and size.

Although photography business cards come in circles, ovals, squares, and various custom shapes, most are rectangular and oriented in either landscape or portrait orientation. In addition, the standard size may vary slightly depending on the part of the world you live in. As you approach from and orientation, you should consider they fit your brand identity.

Add your logo and other graphics.

The next step is to add your logo and other graphics associated with your brand.

Add text

Next, add the essential information to enable your business prospects to get in touch with you, as mentioned above.

Add brand colors and typography.

Don’t forget to use your company’s color scheme to choose professional business card colors. The same applies to the fonts you use. Apply your company’s typography guidelines to choose the most professional font for your photo business cards. This selection ensures unity between your company and its promotional materials.

 Finalize your design

When you’re finished with the draft, evaluate your work to make sure everything works well together, the text is legible, and the spelling is correct.

Inspiration: 20+ best photography business cards ideas and examples

Now, let’s start with photography business card examples.

Food Photography

Food photographers will love this photography business card template designed just for them. Just add your company details and logo, customize fonts and colors, and your card is ready to print.

Creative Gaffer Business Card Template

Ideal for anyone in the photography business, this cool business card features a choice of textured backgrounds and attractive icons. Features can be mixed and matched to make the map unique to you.

Photographer Business Card Maker

A black business card is for those who are not afraid to be different. This business card example is about creating maximum impact by keeping the lines clean. This is why white and redwork so well in san serif fonts.

Business Card Maker for Film Studio Business Cards

This Photo Business Card incorporates the language of photography and film into the design by including the framing lines you see when looking through a camera’s viewfinder. A great way to combine meaning and function.

Film director business card generator

A variation on the photo business card above, this card removes the center lines for a cleaner, more minimal look. Notice how the logo reinforces the photo theme by graphically interpreting what a piece of the film looks like.

Online business card maker for movie studios

This great business card example is another take on the two examples above. This combines the idea of ​​the human eye with a camera lens. Although this example only uses the company name and email address, the template includes many other fields where you can add your business details.

Business Card Template for Professional Photographers

With its eye-catching color scheme, textured background, and decorative header font combined with a simple sans serif font, this sample business card for photography is a winner. Add your special color scheme and company details and customize them to create a unique look for your own photo business.

Photography Business Cards Template

A modern business card design is a great example of a logo that incorporates the company’s name into its design. If you haven’t been able to create your logo yet, this template is a great place to test out different ideas.

 Photography Studio Business Cards Template

This simple yet versatile business card can be extensively customized to create exactly the card you want. Just add your business details, logo, and colors and try out the different customization features to create a card that’s unique to you.

Professional Photo Studio Business Card Maker

To show you how versatile the template above is, we’ve included this completely different example of a photography business card made with different logos, colors, fonts, and graphics to create a very different card from the above.

Business card maker for site managers

This minimalist template takes the classic approach of black text on a white background to the business card design. Of course, you can customize the template to introduce the company’s color scheme. The template features many great movie-themed graphics and accents like a director’s chair, film reels, lights, a camera, and more.

 Film Director Business Card Creator

Bright and eye-catching, this photo business card will ensure you are not easily forgotten. Upload your logo and add as many details as possible to ensure your potential client can easily reach you.

Business Card Template to design a filmmaker business card

If you don’t like using bright white for your card, you can also use a soft white or a creamy white. You can use Business Card Maker to experiment with hundreds of different colors as much as you like to find the combinations that work best for you.

 Professional Film Producer Business Card Template

This is another striking example of a black photography business card that combines simplicity and drama with its bold logo and solid text.

Photographer Business Card Maker

Use your photos as the background for your new business card. Any photo wouldn’t work well, but the beauty of the business card maker is that you can upload as many photos as you like and move text around to see what looks best.

Social Photographer Business Card Maker

This awesome business card is another one that’s all about being bold with its big logo and heavy name text. Of course, you can easily experiment with scaling and repositioning any template element to find what works best for you.

Unique script supervisor business card maker

Business card backgrounds don’t have to be easy. Adding a visual texture can add a sense of energy and dynamism to your map. This template comes with a range of textures to experiment with to see which one works best for you.

Film Production Company Business Card Template with customizable graphics

Clean and bold, simple and powerful. This is what potential customers will see when you give them this stunning card. Add your company details, and your design is ready to go to the printer.

 Business card maker for audiovisual artists

This template is a beautifully minimalist approach to photo business cards. This template doesn’t scream for attention yet still features muted colors and understated charm.

Modern business card template for filmmakers

Awesome photography business cards like these are not difficult to create with the business card maker. In the next section, you’ll learn how to customize your map. However, as you can imagine, you can turn this professional template into your creation by adding your logo, business information, branding fonts and colors.

How to make photography business cards online – fast.

Once you’ve had a chance to look at these photography business card examples and decided on the best business card ideas for your business, you’ll need to customize your design to make it your truth.

 Choose a font

Start with the controls on the left. Add your business details and choose the most professional business card font.

Upload your logo

Go to the controls on the right and upload your logo. If you’re not using a logo on your card, choose a graphic that best represents your brand from the graphics provided.

 Choose colors that match your brand.

Use the left and right controls to customize the color of the business card background, the color of the fonts, and other professional business card design aspects to match your brand.

 Resize and adjust elements

Resize and move elements in your business card design to see what works best

If you are not happy with the changes you made, you can click the Reset Layout button to revert the theme to the original layout.

Download your new business card

Download your new business card and send it to the printers.

Other Photography business card s Ideas

Envato Elements is another great site for great business card ideas for photography if you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

These photography business card designs are available in EPS, AI and PSD file formats. Once you’ve downloaded a template, you can easily customize it for various business purposes.

Just replace text placeholders with your text, customize the colors, and you have awesome photography business cards ready to print.

You can download as many business cards as you want for a low monthly price.

Create your new photography business cards today

Check out these articles on logo design:

Check out these business card options and let us know in the comments below if you’ve found the perfect photography business cards for your business and what it is.

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