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Purple Sunset, Purple Rain

Sunset and rain on the Shenandoah, North Fork

Ducks in Sillhouette over the Shenandoah, North Fork

Canada Geese and Jet Contrails

Geese and Starling Together

Starlings of the Day

Starlings and Pink Clouds

Sun and Shadow on Little North Mountain

Visitors from the West

Mike and Jessie visit and meet Peanutbutter the sheep.

Hiking by the Shenandoah on an icy day.

A warm reunion of Mennonite folk who once spent a semester in Oregon with Doug (at right).

Jessie shows off her laundry line.

The Talent Show

Eliza the ballerina takes the stage amidst the young talent

An aspiring country star

Sun and Clouds, Valentine's Day


What it looked like on the morning of my birthday.

Shenandoah National Park – Deer in Big Meadows

ISO 3200 in the last of the evening light.

Shenandoah National Park Birthday Hike

Water, rock, light, and family. A good way to spend a birthday.

Crazy Clip Chin


I’m not sure exactly why Maggie did this, but she sure enjoyed it!

Light Painting and Long Exposure Demonstration, February 2009

EMU students waved their cell phones in the air to make this virtual graffiti. Zooming in the iMacs in the Digital Media Lab.

Working with the Digital Photography class on light painting and long exposures (Eastern Mennonite University). This last one is inspired by the vortograph.

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