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Our Peach Tree, July 31, 2008

peach tree

Look! The peach tree we planted actually grows fruit!

Cucumber Eyes

cucumber eyes

As always, I never know what I’ll find at home.

More Bubbles

Girl with bubble

Girl with bubble

Working on Nolan's Stole


Anna Maria winds the yarn onto a niddy-noddy. This will eventually become a stole for our friend Nolan.



Sunset over the Shenandoah, North Fork, July 23, 2008

sunset over Shenandoah River, North Fork

Tower of Awesomeness

block tower

block tower

Photos of tower builder by Anna Maria Johnson

block tower

Ah Babel.

Young Amazons of Cootes Store


I never know what I’ll find when I come home.
Today was make your own clothes out of pillowcases day.

Small Group Cookout

cookout in Virginia

Our small group visits for a cookout.


Child with Rancor

Maggie, Micah, Rancor


macro shot of beetle

What I saw outside our door. Does anyone know the species?

Still Life with Onions and Pitcher

still life with onions and pitcher

The morning scene near the kitchen:
Our favorite pitcher – sculpted by Alice Barry

Fireflies in a Jar, July 17, 2008

fireflies in a jar

On the Road – Sparklers at the Lipcombs






On the Road – The Young Actors

the youg actors

Liza tries her hand at directing her first play.

On the Road – A Trip to Letchworth State Park, New York State

Letchworth State Park

Anna Maria, Gladi, Dave

Letchworth State Park

Rainbow over Middle Falls

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park

The goldfish pond next to the Glen Iris Inn

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park

Eliza and the aftermath of the drinking fountain